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Create a new contact named Satyanweshi/सत्यान्वेषी with the number +1-4155238886

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About Satyanweshi

Along with the pandemic COVID-19, we have also been infected with an infodemic, which is bombarding us with tons of fake news every day. To help you out, we introduce Satyanweshi/सत्यान्वेषी.

Satyanweshi (the seeker of truth in Sanskrit) is another contact in your WhatsApp contact list. When you type in a message or question to that contact's chat window, it responds with some well-searched answers. For instance, if you are unsure whether garlic cures COVID-19 or not, you can simply type that in the chat window and Satyanweshi will tell you that it is indeed a piece of fake information according to several fake news busting sites.


The solution is currently in the beta mode and we are running extensive testing. The full version will be publicly released in a few days' time.



Please let us know your feedback after using Satyanweshi/सत्यान्वेषी

Detect fake news that is already busted by fact-checkers

Satyanweshi checks several fact-checking websites when you type in a query. It shows the results along with their ratings and the URLs so that you can be confident about the news/message that you are reading. The URLs help you to get more information on the news.

But it also gives general information regarding COVID-19


Satyanweshi is not limited to fake news checking alone. Unlike other fact-checking bots, it also provides general information regarding COVID-19 from prominent knowledge sources, e.g., WHO, CDC, or National Health websites. It is also capable of responding to frequently asked questions on this pandemic. You can ask any health-related questions and Satyanweshi will try to get an answer from standard knowledge-bases.


The knowledge-base is continuously updated with reliable knowledge sources (WHO, CDC, etc.). We run machine learning algorithms to understand the query of the user and provide an appropriate and detailed answer.



Capability to find relevant news articles

If the query is neither a fact-checking query or a general information query, then Satyanweshi provides links to news outlets or responses provided by Google search to the user. This saves the user to go and check the message and find the news articles herself.


Future versions to address multilingual support and detect images and videos for fake news


Our solution secured the second place in MHRD AICTE SAMADHAN competition in response to COVID-19: among more than 2500 participants.


Two+ minute briefings of the solution (in English, Hindi, and Bangla)

Please support this project through a small contribution.



Faculty and Students of IIT Kanpur and IIIT Delhi are developing this solution in collaboration with InfoPost, a startup based in San Diego, California.

Faculty members involved:
Prof. Swaprava Nath (Dept of CSE, IIT Kanpur)

Prof. Hamim Zafar (Dept of CSE and BSBE, IIT Kanpur)

Prof. Tanmoy Chakraborty (Dept of CSE, IIIT Delhi)

Students involved:
Mr. Ankur Gupta (BT/EE -- IITK)
Ms. Nithya Muttineni (BT/CSE -- IITK)

Mr. Yash Varun (BT/ME-- IITK)

Ms. Prarthana Das (BT/EE-- IITK)

InfoPost member(s) involved:

Dev Sharma, Founder and CEO

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